A Day In My Quarantine Life: How To Flatten the Curve of Boredom

A Day In My Quarantine Life: How To Flatten the Curve of Boredom

Day 11 637 into quarantine life. By now you should have a pretty steadfast routine filled with banana bread cooking, yoga lives, an ongoing online course and some Netflix indulgence. Or maybe you don’t.

As we are progressing into the depths of the lockdown waters, TWO TRENDS are emerging – one that promotes the quarantine as an opportunity to be productive, and one that is quite merciful stating “THIS IS A PANDEMIC NOT A PRODUCTIVITY CONTEST.”

Both are legitimate.

It really depends on the subject itself.

If you are a HUSTLER by nature, this is your well-deserved time off. And you shouldn’t feel the pressure to follow the Instagram guidelines on how you should spend your lockdown.

If you are a CHRONIC PROCRASTINATOR like me, and the lockdown has suddenly opened the gates of prodigious endeavors, then this article is for you.

Although I do feel like a fish in a tank, this very tank has forced me to finally get my shit together and do the things that I talked about for months. Because now the beach is closed, because I am not tired from work anymore, because my friends don’t come up with tempting offers to go out, because I need something to keep my mind busy. Otherwise, she will start her disruptive talks about the future or will play me a slideshow of distracting memories. I mean “Come on, I have seen it endless times! Can we focus on the present moment, now?”

Yes, we can.

So below I will describe an (ideal) day of my quarantine diaries. Maybe you will find some INSPIRATION here. If you like.



I usually wake up around 9, despite my solemn promises to wake up at 7:30. But hey, it’s a pandemic as we said.

I have a holistic approach to my mornings. I try not to open my phone immediately after I open my eyes. The reason behind – the mind is a clean slate in the morning, so I want to meditate first to set the right intentions before being distracted. Or so I believe.

First things first – a glass of warm water with lemon and honey, followed by a 10 min MEDITATION. I use an app called Gaia. I am new to the concept of meditation but I have heard many good things about it. The majority of the bright personalities of our time practice meditation. I want to know what they know. Or is meditation a trendy thing, just like chia seeds? So far, I like it. It is very interesting to observe my mind from the side, but I find it quite difficult to find stillness as she always tends to wander and jump from one thought to another. In general, I am fascinated by how our brain works.

After my brain is nicely cleansed, I’m ready to apply the news. I only watch news in the morning while I sip my coffee and eat my breakfast. Usually, I would need another meditation session after watching TV. This (the pandemic) is not going to end anytime soon…

Around 11 AM I sit in front of my computer and pretend to be busy. I am, in a way, alternating between writing posts for my blog or doing my ONLINE COURSE about “Contracts”.

I studied Law so I’m curious to see what I remember. Harvard University has a platform where you can find courses for free. Law is usually boring, but the way this course is structured makes the learning process so much fun. Also, the assignments squeeze my brain juice in a very rewarding way. I highly recommend the Harvard courses, although they have a limited choice of free courses. If you want a wide variety of online courses, check out Udemy or Coursera.

I also noticed that the most productive part of the day for me is the morning. So if I manage to do something until noon, I can call it a day.



After I finish with the intellectual part of the day, normally I will have lunch with a side of “Suits” binging. I am not a big fan of TV series. The main reason I watch them is to improve my English and learn new idioms. I always Google the new words. Yep, how do you think I pull off my fancy writings?

In the second part of the day, I alternate between various activities, such as working out, reading or LEARNING SPANISH. For Spanish, I use Rosetta Stone. This program teaches you through a lot of images and it’s very interactive. For me is like playing Solitaire, so it makes studying very entertaining.

For workouts, I alternate between: climbing the stairs of my building (60 floors), followed by a HIIT workout or yoga on the days when I feel more like stretching.

Nowadays there are so many Instagram lives that you can follow, and they are super good. For intensive workouts Crank and Barrysuae lives are amazing. Otherwise, FitOn app and Nike training are good too. For yoga, I do the Equal yoga lives.



In the evening I let myself carried away in a mindless Instagram scrolling game. I find this platform inspiring most of the time.

On more lucid evenings, I would watch a movie or read. Currently, I am hooked on “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”. I like to READ books that can teach you something and this one is mind-boggling. It studies humanity from new perspectives, let alone the informative part. Barack Obama and Bill Gates recommended it after all.

Another activity that I don’t enjoy AT ALL, but it has to be done, is cleaning my iPhone photo album. Only 16 350 photos! Why do we girls even take so many pictures only to waste time later on to delete half of them? I think I need a year of lockdown to finish this task. God, no! I’d rather live with my cluttered phone.


So here is how an ideal quarantine day looks like for me. Obviously, not all days are like that. Some days I am merely an amoeba moving through the rooms of my apartment. Some days I feel down and lonely. But these are normal feelings in these crazy times. And I allow them to be. And I don’t do anything. After all, it is a pandemic, not a productivity contest!