About me

What do you want to be when you grow up?
– I want to be an actress.

Twelve years later I was holding a law degree in my hands and two more years after that, I was holding a coffee flask, asking about 100 “deaf passengers” a day (they all wear headphones), if they would like a cup of coffee. Then do another round with tea! As you might very well guess, my star sign is flight attendant with an ascendant in writing. 

This blog is about…

The most exclusive places or experiences that fascinated me around the world. It’s a blog for the experienced traveler who is tired of the touristy places and wants to discover the hidden gems, as well as for the tourist in a rush who has limited time and wants to see the best of one destination.

Almost all my posts will have the format of a review and finish with the “what I liked most” conclusion. Make sure you read until the end to understand why I chose that particular place or experience. Or, if ain’t nobody got time for that, just scroll down straight to the conclusion.

In my travels, you will see me more often taking pictures on the edge of a rooftop bar rather than the edge of a mighty cliff; watching people in a little coffee shop rather than watching my phone; going to cultural events like musicals or ballet rather than going to a shopping mall; discover the hidden gems rather than visiting the touristy places.

As I like everything that is inspirational, I would like to entwine my travel articles with thoughts about life and self-improvement. Apart from useful information, I hope you can find here that impetus that you needed to embark on that adventure of a lifetime or perhaps, that reassurance to trust God’s plan for you.

Some facts about me:

1. I never dreamt of becoming a flight attendant.

To make things worse I haven’t even flown, ever, in my life before taking this job. However, I was never more certain about that radical decision I was about to take. And it was the best.

2. I come from a small country named Moldova.

“Of course I’ve heard about it. It’s a beautiful island”, I hear sometimes. I mean Maldives, Moldova, not far off …
I actually feel somehow special that I come from such an unknown small country because people don’t have a formed opinion or belief about you based on your origins.
Also coming from a small country gave me the advantage of speaking five languages, which is an amazing asset in my line of work and traveling.

3. I am based in Dubai.

As this is my home, you might find on my blog also lots of articles about what to see or things to do in this fast growing city.

4. I love traveling and writing.

I really regret that I didn’t start blogging right away when I started flying. Well, at that time I didn’t know either that I like to write. However, now as a well-traveled flight attendant, I am more knowledgeable and I can deliver quality content based on more accurate recommendations. Plus, my English got a lot better. I hope.

5. I have visited 74 countries and still counting.

I thought that’s a lot, but then my special app told me that’s only 30% of the world. Really? Guess I’ll be in the “tea/coffee” business for a while…

6. I was a nerd in school and university. Without glasses. 

When I was a little girl I had a dream: to finish reading all the books in the library. So most of the time I would choose books over playing with my friends. When I grew up I would choose friends over books. The problem was now, they, chose the books. As it happened, in university I was put in a nerdy class so I had to hustle hard to keep up with the “nerdashians” and also to maintain good grades for my scholarship. But deep down I longed for what I have now. Freedom and travel.

7. I believe in the Law of attraction. 

The way I became a flight attendant was a pure manifestation of the Law of attraction, but about this, I will write another post.
What you think becomes your reality, therefore this blog is not only about traveling but also about inspiring you to dream, to free yourself, to embrace changes, to find happiness in the little things, to love life, to love YOU.