6 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With Prague

6 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With Prague

I thought my type was Paris, but I fell in love with Prague. Paris is the demigod. It is tall, attractive, charming. Everybody wants to have a date with Paris or at least, in Paris. You can never go wrong with it. But, what about “the city next door”? What about the cities that are not tall like Paris, not that popular, but once you get to know them, you instantly fall in love with them? What about Prague? 

I must say that nowadays, Prague is not an unknown city anymore. On the contrary, it is so popular! The tiny streets can barely hold the sizzling crowds of tourists. Locals hate it, tourists love it.

Why is this city so enticing? I’ll tell you why. 

1. When you visit Prague you feel like you entered a fairytale. 

Prague has a magic atmosphere. I’m not even talking about the Charles Bridge or Prague castle. The magic lies within the details and the overall vibe. Although… I really cannot neglect the enchanted towers of the Church of Our Lady before Tyn and the astronomical clock from the old square. When you walk the streets of Prague, you have to keep your gaze up. You never know when you come across a “Man Hanging Out” (Sigmund Freud sculpture), babies climbing up a building, or other weird architectural details.

6 reasons why i fell in love with Prague

6 reasons why i fell in love with Prague

2. Prague is an old-told fairytale as well as a modern and untold one.

Have you seen the dancing house? What about Franz Kafka’s spinning head? You gotta see the spinning head! It’s catchy. If it makes you dizzy, go see steady Kafka riding on the shoulders of a giant, empty suit. Why would you do that? Nobody knows, but it’s provocative.

6 reasons why i fell in love with Prague

Franz Kafka statue

3. Do you want more weird stuff? Go stare at the grotesque faces on the Dripstone Wall.

We found this place by accident after we came out of the Malostranko metro station stop, on the right. A beautiful garden with green alleys and a fountain in the middle (Wallenstein Garden). We wandered around until we reached “What-the-hell-is-that?”  A very bizarre wall full of what it seemed like dripping skulls. No! It’s actually jellyfish. Or, perhaps lion’s heads? You can go nuts with your creativity here. Without smoking anything.

Dripstone wall Prague

3. Express your creativity on John Lenon’s wall.

Had your hands been itchy to spray paint a wall, a door, a something? In Prague it is legal. Not everywhere though. Head to John Lenon wall to add some graffiti on the already overfilled pieces of lyrics from Beatles songs. The wall, inaugurated in 1980 after John Lenon’s murder, is a symbol of peace and freedom of speech.

John Lenon Wall Prague

4. Pass through one of the narrowest streets in Europe which has a traffic light.

When you pass through this tight street, suddenly you feel that you have so much space. There are barely any tourists. And the few ones that are here, find out about this street by accident. They see people taking pictures of something, so they are dying to check what have they missed.

Located just behind the mainstream street in Mala Strana, between two houses, the street barely fits two people at the same time, therefore traffic lights were installed for pedestrians to indicate when someone is passing through.

Narrowest street in Prague

5. Stuff your mouth with a Trdelnik.

I actually liked the sound of this word more than the taste itself. Three consonants at the beginning of a word is just too much! I like to pronounce the word with a strong Russian accent stressing on the letter “r“. Trrrrrdelnik! Ahahah. Sorry Prague, but it’s too much sugar for me. I guess with the age I started to like sweets less and less. But I had to have one on Charles bridge to check what was all the fuss about.

6. Watch the sunset over the city from a rooftop.

Here we come to my favorite part. Rooftops! Give me a rooftop and I will give you an amazing review of a city. Add summertime, Aperol Spritz, sunset and I’m all yours. City!

Terasa U Prince is located in the Old Town Square. What a beautiful 360 view of Prague in that glorious sunset light, what a breathtaking view of the Church of Our Lady before Tyn’s towers and what a dreamy Insta-worthy photo I got! I guess I can call it a layover.

6 reasons why i fell in love with Prague

6 reasons why i fell in love with Prague

6 reasons why i fell in love with Prague

What I liked most?

I am becoming predictable. I’m easily corrupted by rooftops.